About RJE

Corporate Philosophy

RJE’s Mission

We aim to contribute to economic development in Japan by enhancing corporate value based on “harmony and collaboration” with investee companies.

RJE’s Vision

We aim to be a trusted investment company that contributes to society by enhancing the corporate value of investee companies. We will achieve this using our team’s deep understanding of Japanese business practices and built-up during their own experiences of working at Japanese companies.

RJE’s Values

We value partnerships with our investee companies based on mutual trust more than anything else. This enables them to provide society with better products and services.
We value continuous communication with management teams and employees of our investee companies. This provides them with the peace of mind of knowing that they can always rely on us.
We value the sharing of a long-term vision. This ensures that shareholders and personnel of investee companies all move forward toward the same objectives.
We promise that our professionals, who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, sound judgement and Japanese values, will give their full commitment, utilizing both strong ambition and a sense of responsibility.

RJE’s Strengths

Diverse, highly experienced professional staff

The core of our team is formed of professionals with 15+ years of experience in the Japanese private equity sector. Our staffs are committed to fully leveraging their substantial experience and knowhow for the benefit of investee companies
Our team comprises a diverse range of people with various backgrounds, working together with a sense of unity

Hands-on support via aligning perspectives with executives and employees of investee companies

Before we invest, we hold in-depth discussions with the current management team and reach agreement on a future vision for the company, and then become shareholders. We then continue to provide full support by working closely with the management team and employees to achieve the agreed objectives.

Providing comprehensive capabilities and peace of mind through cooperation with strategic partners

We utilize our strategic partners’ networks, broad customer bases, and ability to provide a variety of services. These partners include domestic financial institutions (commercial bank, trust bank, and securities firm) and non-financial company (general trading company), in order to offer investee companies a wealth of support in both financial and business aspects.

Cooperation with key sponsors

RJE’s greatest strengths are:
1) The reliability we provide by having Japan’s leading companies as our key sponsors
2) Integrated support that combines the knowhow of an investment company (RJE), financial institutions (Banks,Securities Firm), and non-financial company (Trading Company)
By flexibly delivering these strengths, we aim to enhance the corporate value of investee companies.

Hands-on Post-investment Support

With investee companies:
1) Close communication
2) Partnership based on mutual trust
3) Shared vision

Providing hands-on support, sharing the same focus as executives and employees